Known MySQL Issues

We are aware of MySQL issues with Adding / Deleting and have scheduled maintenance later this evening to resolve.

UPDATE: Maintenance with commence at 10PM BST and may involve network downtime.

19th Sept 2013
Scheduled Network Maintenance

We have the below scheduled network maintenance in London as provided by our Data Centre -[Network Level]:12/09/2013 22:00-02:00One of our upstream providers will be performing a firmware upgrade on one of the two routers we connect to them on. We are expecting a few moments of high latency or connectivity interruption while the BGP routes ... Read More »

11th Sept 2013
HTTP Service Reboot Schedule 10PM 31/07/2013

We are implementing a patch for a problem with a PHP module on 31st July 2013 at 22:00 GMT which requires Apache to be rebooted. This is urgent maintenance work that has occurred today and should cause no to minimal disruption. 

31st Jul 2013
PHP 5.4 Update Rescheduled to Saturday 27th July 2013

Due to moving of our backup systems, we have decided to delay the upgrade work to Saturday 27th July 2013.PHP 5.3 is moving towards end of life and only receving security updates. Popular software platforms are becoming fully compatible with PHP 5.4, which we believe to be the right time to move all of our services to PHP 5.4. If your scripts are ... Read More »

26th Jul 2013
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