Horde & Roundcube Update

We have restored and resumed service of Roundcube, for the time being Horde has been taken offline and will be resolved on Monday 18th March.

17th Mar 2013
CloudFlare Unavailability Report - Sunday 3rd March

Full Article available on the CloudFlare website This morning at09:47 UTC CloudFlare effectively dropped off the Internet. The outage affected all of CloudFlare's services including DNS and any services that rely on our web proxy. During the outage, anyone accessing CloudFlare.com or any site on CloudFlare's network would have received a ... Read More »

3rd Mar 2013
Websites unavailable due to CloudFlare system Issue

CloudFlare is currently experiencing a technical difficulty with their proxy and DNS causing some website not to load.

For all CloudFlare updates follow them on Twitter -https://twitter.com/CloudFlare

3rd Mar 2013
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